Hi, my name is Ana and here you can learn:

  • Kombucay kombucayiHow to make Kombucha, a healthy and tasty fermented drink that will improve your health.
  • How to use essential oils for having a good night sleep, relaxed and healthy days and flu-free back-to-school time.
  • How to make your personal cosmetic products and cleaning products at home.
  • And much more! 😀

I teach all this in my workshops all around Turkey and Serbia and I hope to see you in one of those.

If you want to have a workshop in your house or working place for your co-workers and friends, just drop me a message at ana@simplybyana.com and we’ll make it happen. 🙂


  • Get yourself a Kombucha starter kit for homebrewing and I will be your online support in making this ancient, healthy and tasty drink.
  • Check out “Simply by Ana Essential Oils Kit”, a perfect place to start with essential oils.