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Welcome to Simply By Ana.

I’m Ana, a homebrewer, healthy life enthusiast, mom, wife, yogi and a farmer wanna-be.

I’m passionate about creating a chemical-free and natural home products for my family and friends and I have been interested in all things health since as long as I remember and the time has come to share this love with others. My degree is in Environmental Engineering and I’ve been always enjoying in everything that has to do with protection of our environment and nature.

I’m making healthy living accessible by teaching and showing people that they can simply do it. 🙂

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Here is more about me:

This is first #fridayintroductions of mine and while İ was posting this photo, in the depth of my eyes, my smile and in my wrinkles, İ saw many, many dear and less dear experiences and memories,İ saw people and everything that’s part of my life and what made me exactly the person İ am today. İ realized it will be hard to give a short introduction to who İ am, because we are so many things together. But İ will try and keep these regular,so we can meet more, connect and share our stories. Here is a short #fridayintroduction ? My name is Ana and I am an Expat Woman in Turkey. I am a stay at home mom to a three-year-old boy and one baby boy. My husband is Turkish. I come from Serbia and culture is in many ways similar to Turkish, but also in so many ways very different. I had my portion of adaptation and sometimes I think it will last forever in a way. I love Turkey and am surrounded by amazing people, I enjoy Turkish food and culture, great nature, four seas that surround this amazing land and of course love the history and old stories of Anatolia. I feel blessed that I get to live in Turkey. I enjoy yoga, healthy food and new sugar-free but sweet recipes :), good movies, nice long walks, interesting conversations over a cup of coffee and new and old friendships. . What is your story? How do you feel today? Write in comments – let’s connect. ? www.expatwomeninturkey.com . . . #expatwoman #expatwomeninturkey #expatsturkey #expatsinturkey #expatmom #stayathomemom #stayathomemoms #turkeyexpats #turkiye #istanbul #expatsistanbul #expatankara #introduce #instaexpat #expat #onlinefriends #instafriends

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