Essential Oils Starter Kit (5 Essential Oils Included, 10ml bottles)


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Five most used essential oils, all in one kit at a great value! With the Essential Oils Kit, you’ll have an arsenal to maintain and improve your overall well-being and create your own mixes and products.

Essential Oil Kit consists of 5 most used essential oils, the oils everyone should have at home. All essential oils are organic and are the finest quality available.

  1. Lavander Essential Oil – 10 ml
  2. Peppermint Essential Oil – 10 ml
  3. Lemon Essential Oil – 10 ml
  4. Tea Tree Essential Oil – 10 ml
  5. Eucalyptus Essential Oil – 10 ml
  • Relaxation

  • Promotion of health and the immune system

  • Mood enhancement

  • Soothing and cooling minor aches, pains and skin irritations

  • Fresh scents and cleaning

You will get my online support on every step of the way in introducing essential oils into your daily life. You will feel better, think more clearly, become healthier and will decrease usage of harmful chemicals in your daily routine. Start with reading about the oils from the Starter Kit  – Meet Your Oils.


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